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Brand Ambassadors

Villa Cotton is looking for Brand Ambassadors!

Are you interested in receiving our items for free, earning passive income, and being featured on our website and Instagram? Our Brand Ambassador program is the right fit for you!

We are looking for US-based influencers to represent our brand on social media. We are especially looking for creatives and content creators who can make something special with our products.

The best part about our ambassador program is that there is no need to purchase products or pay fees to enter the program, like most other brands. We have simple linking tools that will help you get started and monetize your media value.

Once you sign up with the program, you will get a personal promo code. When people use your code to make any purchase in our store, they receive from 10% to 25% off, and even better, you will receive 10% commission of every purchase made with your promo code! You will earn commission on all qualifying purchases, not just the products you advertise.

The money will be assessed on your Shopify account. You will be able to move the money to your PayPal account.

The amount of cash back is not limited!

Villa Cotton is waiting for you!

Be our ambassador!