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1005 Langley St

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Bed linen with hummingbird prints Bed linen with hummingbird prints

The modern bed linen market offers many novelties for its customers. This applies not only to fabrics and materials but also to design of the bedding sets. While the days of leopard prints and zebra stripes are long out of vogue, tasteful, well- designed animal or wildlife paintings never really go out of style.

One of Villa Cotton’s most beloved bedding sets feature delicate, Reproductions of hand-painted hummingbirds. Made with care and love by real artists, these fine designs depict  these graceful little birds in an elegant and refined way. ​​Not to mention, these birds are so bright and colorful that they can fill every room with joy and freshness.

In ancient Egyptian times, it was believed each animal represented a certain energy which could  affect people’s health and welfare.  In their belief, tortoises symbolized fertility and longevity, lions were strength, snakes full of  wisdom and purity, frogs also brought fertility, hippos and bulls represented power, elephants of course symbolized  patience, and finally, cows brought prosperity.

What do mythology and symbolism tell us about hummingbirds?

bed linen with hummingbird prints


What do you know about hummingbirds?

The hummingbird is one of the most delightful creatures of nature.

But what makes it so special? 

First of all, its size: hummingbirds are so tiny that the smallest adult can weigh just 1.6 - 1.8 grams, with a wingspan of a mere 5 cm. It’s not just size, though, that makes these tiny creatures so fascinating.

The small wingspan of these miniature birds allows this animal it to beat its wings at the unbelievable speed of 1200 times per minute. In addition hummingbirds can fly at a very high speed; more than 35 miles per hour!

These birds feed on flower nectar and pollinate flowers. However, a fact lesser known is that they are actually omnivores! In addition to drinking nectar, they also catch and eat various small insects while flying.

It takes a lot to keep that little body going: considered the most insatiable bird on Earth, a hummingbird  can drink up to one hundred times its body weight per day!

That’s incredible, isn’t it?


What does a hummingbird symbolize?

The hummingbird represents a light elegance, serendipity, and surprisingly, resurrection like the mythical Phoenix. Another essential part of the hummingbird’s symbolic meaning is energy and tireless work.

Hummingbirds are also seen as symbols of freedom and beauty because they can move through the air 

effortlessly, creating beautiful patterns in their wake. Finally, because they spend so much time feeding on pollen from flowers (and therefore pollinating them), they're considered symbols of fertility as well. 

Because of their small size, signature buzz, and connection with summer, hummingbirds are also symbols of joy and happiness, and are some of the most beloved animals in the world. 

Finally, the hummingbird also teaches you not to judge something by its size, as even the smallest creature can have more power than you think.

The hummingbird is full of positive symbolism, and as such, they are a great option to use as motifs in your interior design.

bed linen with hummingbird prints

So, why not bring all this in your bedroom with Villa Cotton’s hummingbird’s bead linen?

Our designer bed linen is perfect for those who  want an elegant design in the bedroom with something different than simple white sheets.


Villa Cotton Hummingbird bed linen

Think about it: with a hummingbird motif or design in your bedroom, you can feel like you’re sleeping in a flower garden and having this joyful little bird can reduce stress.

Sounds good, right? But where can you find hummingbird design elements? Here at Villa Cotton! We give you the option to bring this amazing little creature and all it symbolizes into your bedroom décor.

Villa Cotton’s hummingbird design offers hand-painted images of these graceful birds, with a color palette that will fill any room with joy and freshness.

When we think of hummingbirds, we Iimmagine these birds flitting about, going from flower to flower. With these birds on your bed linen, when you lay down to sleep you’ll  feel like you're right there in the trees with them. 

Whether you’re a hummingbird enthusiast or just a nature lover, you’ll want to take a closer look at our bed linen collection. 

bed linen with hummingbird prints


Villa Cotton hummingbird bedding collection is inspired by the delicate beauty of these beautiful creatures.

​​Our bedding products offer the best of both comfort and design, with high-quality material that gives you a feeling of serenity and comfort, as well as a design that will stand out in your bedroom. 

Every design from Villa Cotton is a work of art, and this is especially true of our hummingbird collection.

This combination of quality, comfort, and aesthetics is something that can't be found anywhere else on the market today!

Villa Cotton Hummingbird Collection

Bedding is an art. It should be beautiful, luxurious, comfortable, and elegant. This Villa Cotton bedding sets design is inspired by the beauty of hummingbirds and by their refined combinations of colors. All this is brought up in a modern contemporary style that fits perfectly in formal rooms, guest rooms, and your own cozy space.

To celebrate this magnificent  creature, we’ve created two different bedding sets:

  • duvet cover sets 
  • comforter sets.

Both feature the same design of these beautiful little birds, because we think they do a great job representing the state of art of our company.

We think that hummingbirds are one of the most beautiful and colorful birds and our line of luxury bedding celebrates this gorgeous creature.

Our hand made drawings are recreated in textile form with a high-quality technological method that brings the charm and vibrancy of color.


Villa Cotton Hummingbird Duvet Cover Set

Villa Cotton hummingbird duvet cover set is a comfortable and elegant set made with Egyptian cotton. The high quality of Egyptian cotton guarantees a long life for this set, so you can be sure that fyour purchase is well justified!

Egyptian cotton is a unique and expensive material due to the distinctive feature of extra-long fibers, almost twice the length of the fibers of conventional cotton. Thanks to this feature, a thin, dense thread from which high-quality fabric with a high density per square centimeter is produced.

You'll love how soft and smooth the material feels against your skin, and how effortless it is to keep it clean.

If you are a fan of high quality, then Egyptian cotton is exactly what you need. The combination of practicality, beauty and comfort in these sets makes it hard to be indifferent!

Villa Cotton’s hummingbird duvet cover set will give you a wonderful sensation, while the design will mesmerize with its incredible craftsmanship and the skill of the artist. Technology today allows us to recreate the delicacy of watercolor painting directly, which is why it’s a trend in textile art. 

Altogether, there’s a lot to love about this duvet cover set. Experience the softness and durability of Egyptian cotton, and the beauty of the artistic design.

This set includes 1 duvet cover and 2 pillowcases.

bed linen with hummingbird prints


Villa Cotton Hummingbird Percale Comforter Set

If you are looking for a cool, gentle, soft fabric for your bedding, look no further than Cotton Percale.

Percale is a natural fabric made of cotton and is known for its strength. Percale is very soft to the touch, an achieved by special thread processing. 

In terms of quality, we can compare Percale to satin and silk. Percale has an unusual structure: the cotton fabric consists of dense fibrous interweaving. Due to this technology, luxury bed linen made of this material can last for many years even with constant washing.

Villa Cotton’s hummingbird percale comforter sets are made of 100% cotton, and are naturally breathable, soft, and comfortable.

The Villa Cotton hummingbird percale comforter set includes a comforter and 2 pillowcases.

bed linen with hummingbird prints

Stay luxurious with our Villa Cotton hummingbird bedding sets

Luxury is an art form. You might not be able to describe it exactly, but you know it when you see it, and it makes life so much more enjoyable.

Villa Cotton hummingbird bedding sets are designed with comfort in mind, so that every minute you spend under the covers is enjoyable. 

If you love hummingbirds, or if you know someone who does, our luxury hummingbird bedding sets are the perfect way to show them how much they mean to you.

Villa Cotton  knows how to craft the ultimate experience of luxury. Treat yourself like royalty, choose Villa Cotton.