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Our Story

From the charmed streets of Italy to the rich textiles of the Indus Valley, all the way to your door

Our quest for ‘La Dolce Vita’ and a beautiful, art-filled home led us on a journey around the world.

In the stories, the brave adventurer sets off on a quest to distant lands, bringing back treasures for their home and loved ones. When we grow up, we shrug off the magic and silence the starry-eyed adventurer inside us – and yet, we always long for a home full of beauty and wonderful things, things with a story and a memory.

At Villa Cotton, we wanted to build that home of our dreams, and share the knowledge with the world.

La Dolce Vita

It started with that phrase: “La Dolce Vita.” We loved this promise of a sweet, simple life full of art and beauty, and so we decided to go straight to the source: Italy, or more specifically, Como, with its long history of silk paintings and hand-painted designs.

The world comes to Como for its designs, and we came with it, finding a quiet corner by the shores of Lake Como. When we left, we carried a few hand-created, colorful designs in our bag, dreams now whirling in our head.

Blending the right textiles with the right designs

If Italy designs the world, it is woven in the textiles of the Indus Valley. The region is home to over 7,000 years of cotton production, stitched into the land and the hands of the farmers. We wound our way through bazaars where the spices are as colorful as the fabric, and carefully handed over the designs for production on high quality material

Our promise to the world, and each other

Villa Cotton bed linens are truly global. By going straight to the source, we are able to keep our prices affordable – after all, we believe that la dolce vita should belong to all of us.

Indeed, we learned in our journey the responsibility we all have in building a sustainable future – and not just in our environment, but in taking care of each other.

We take that responsibility seriously

We proudly carry an Oeko-Tex certification, which means our products are made without the use of harmful chemicals. We support the SOS Children’s Village in Lahore, Punjab, near our production base.

Thanks To You, We’re Helping Our Planet!

At Villa Cotton we understand the importance of preserving our planet which is why we have a partnership with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every product purchased.

Every time an order is placed on our website, we dedicate a portion of the profits to plant a tree! We are able to make our world a greener, cleaner place to live, and it’s all thanks to you!

We hope our designs bring you that same sweet life that inspired them!