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I love the lively print especially the way the floral print changes from warm to cool colors. The feel of the cotton is crisp.

I adore these sheets

If I had my way I would never get out of bed now, but it’s not depressing at all - it’s just that I adore these sheets.

High quality sheets

It’s very important for me to support brands working without chemicals and it’s not a difficult choice at all when it comes to such high quality sheets!

Nice sheets but could be nicer

The sheets are nice but I think they would be nicer without the dots or maybe in a different color.

We really like these sheets

My girlfriend says I’m now her favorite person for getting these, and while I’m a bit suspicious about what I was before, we really like these sheets.

Plain but elegant

Plain but elegant

Great sheets

I’m not a big believer in thread counts and stuff but really, these are great sheets and I do think I’m sleeping better.


I was pleased to discover such high quality sheets for an affordable price, as my son’s skin is very sensitive and it’s a nightmare to try and find materials that don’t use so many chemicals. He is sleeping peacefully, though we would prefer the sheets to be without the embellishments as even these can affect him sometimes.

A bit boring

Honestly design wise they’re a bit boring but they are solid sheets with good quality

Never changing again!

It’s really hard for me to find sheets that I really like because of my allergies but I’ve found the one I was looking for! Never changing again!

Look really nice and they feel amazing

My boyfriend and I both love these sheets, they look really nice and they feel amazing.


Wasn’t totally sure about the embroidery at first, but it’s growing on me.

Elegant, simple, fresh.

Elegant, simple, fresh.

I’m going to have to get sets for my kids

I’m going to have to get sets for my kids now because they always want to sleep with us! I know how I’m getting them to follow bedtime now…

Super amazing packaging

Super amazing packaging, I mean, yes the sheets are fine, but I just love the box.

Very aesthetically pleasing

Very aesthetically pleasing, nice color and good quality.

You can really tell the quality of the material

You can really tell the quality of the material just by holding it. I took so long to make the bed because I just liked holding the fabric! Sleeping on it is even better…

The embroidery is really nice

The embroidery is really nice and it’s a very simple color that doesn’t overpower the decor but adds a little twist.

The sheets are fine

The sheets are fine and they look nice. They aren’t the best sheets I’ve ever owned but for the price they’re good quality.

I like it!

There’s something really satisfying about sleeping with these sheets, I’m not sure what it is but I like it!

It’s impossible to pick one!

I have the feeling I’m going to have to get a Villa Cotton sheet set in all the available colors now. It’s impossible to pick one!

Got these sheets with the duvet sets

I first got one of Villa Cotton’s duvet sets and thought I’d give their sheets a try, and very happy I did!

Feels nice to be under them

It might be weird but I really like that these sheets have some weight to them, it feels nice to be under them.

Pretty heavy, but overall I’m satisfied

I don’t know that I’ll be able to use these in the summer because they’re pretty heavy, but overall I’m satisfied.

FINALLY sheets that don’t make me itch!!!!

FINALLY sheets that don’t make me itch!!!!